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Paweł Pruski – Polish music producer, electronic music artist. Also known as Minoo. He has released four albums so far. Known for his works recorded for Asfalt Records, Mad-Hop Records and Post Label. Actively involved in the creation and promotion of electronic music since 2007. Appeared live at Freeform Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival, WRO Festival and many more. He performed, among others, in China, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, the Czech Republic and Belgium. He participated in the CHOP project aimed at promoting Polish experimental music in China. The result of this cooperation was the album Improvision (WePlay! Records) created with the Chinese artist Sin:Ned. When creating music under his own name Paweł Pruski focuses on the more experimental variants of electronic music. The purpose of this new beginning is to separate the existing projects from the new one, rooted in different aesthetic areas. He is on a search for sounds bordering on ambient, spacial dub, and electro-acoustic music. Sleeping Place is a debut album in that regard.



24/10/2021 – Widoki

28/08/2021 – Ambient w Poraju

19/08/2021 – Etno Kraków

25/07/2021 – Cisza w Radiu Kraków

16/07/2021 – Kolonia Artystów

08/02/2021 – Defekt Masy

27/06/2021 – Cisza – Ambient w św. Krowie

13/06/2021 – Gadafest Ambientowy Before

19/12/2020 – Fala dźwięku (Warszawa)

06/12/2020 – Festiwal Filmu Niemego (Kraków)

20/09/2020 – św. Krowa (Kraków)

13/09/2020 – Pop up Radio (Kraków)

12/07/2020 – Św. Krowa (Kraków)

14/06/2020 – Audiotalaila Festiwal

03/05/2020 – KSND live streaming

26/04/2020 – BAL (Kraków)

23/02/2020 – Cisza w Św. Krowie (Kraków)

25/01/2020 – Klub 89 urodziny Off Radio Kraków (Kraków)

12/01/2020 – Cricoteka (Kraków)

21/12/2019 – Beat Light Festiwal

17/12/2019 – Zasypianie

07/12/2019 – Drzwi Zwane Koniem (Katowice)

10/11/2019 – Św. Krowa (Kraków)

20/10/2019 – Młodsza Siostra (Warszawa)

19/10/2019 – Las (Olsztyn)

06/10/2019 – Niezła Sztuka (Rzeszów)

05/10/2019 – Sygnał/Szum (Płock)

22/09/2019 – Muzeum Nowej Huty

21/09/2019 – Kulturhauz (Toruń)

14/09/2019 – Kolonia Artystów (Gdańsk)

13/09/2019 – Tłok (Gdynia)

07/09/2019 – Hevre (Kraków)

06/09/2019 – ArsTechne

27/07/2019 – Cisza w Plenerach (Kraków)

24/04/2019 – Szpitalna 1 (Kraków)

23/03/2019 – Before Ambientalny 2019

23/10/2019 – Festiwal Ars Cameralis 2018

18/10/2019 – Muzeum Nowej Huty

11/10/2019 – Klub SPATiF (Warszawa)

28/10/2019 – Patchlab Festival (Kraków)

27/10/2018 – Galeria Sztuki (Płock)

09/09/2019 – Kolonia Artystów (Gdańsk)

09/09/2019 – Alchemia (Kraków)



Whispers (2021 / Whitelabrecs)

  • Bandcamp:

Returning to our catalog, Pruski has created ‘Whispers’, a series of organic drones created using an OP-1 modular synthesiser which has been a key source of experimentation, discovery and evaluation for several years. Part of the production process fell during lockdown, in which there were limitations on travel and human interaction. On the other hand, Pruski started walking a lot in the forests around him, allowing him to listen and connect with nature; he would encounter the rustle of leaves that began to resemble whispers. It was from here that he had the idea of nature’s constant whisper, evident all around us, if we choose to listen. Each track represents a whisper from the natural world, which combine as a whole to be a metaphysical journey.

Between (2020 / Krysalisound)

  • Bandcamp:

Between. It is interesting to look for what lies between the words, between the moments, between the first and the next particle of sound. There is a completely different picture of music. Its structure is no longer linear and the whole thing is freezing over time. There is no earlier and no later, there is no history and no future, there is no cause and effect. There is only a single moment levitating „in between”. We don’t need any kind of language or descriptions. „Between” is just a set of these moments


Pruski - Playground

Playground (2020 / Whitelabrecs)

  • Bandcamp:
  • Reviews:

Playground is a journey into a child’s world. A world without sophisticated sentences, complicated relationships or conventions. Here, the most important things are gestures, curiosity and surprise. It is discovering what is around, fascinated by nature. It is an attempt to look from the side back to the beginning of our journey in this world. What was it like to be surprised by the colour of the leaves, rain, and the ticking of the clock? For this is a journey to a place where the tree is the whole world, and a small meadow can be the whole cosmos.


Home Diaries (2020 / Whitelabrecs)

  • Bandcamp:


Pruski Black Birds

Black Birds (CD/2018) – Second ambient/drone album.




Sleeping Places (CD/2018) – We are witnesses of constant change. Places change, people around us change, we change. Most of these changes are fluid. Unwittingly, every second we become someone new. We become blurred in time. One hair fell out. After 140 thousand repetitions we are bald. Cities, nations, ideas disappear – the natural passage of time. The steady stream of changes flows through us as well. Our internal life constantly clashes with the outside world. Memories encoded in our neurons begin to direct us towards emptiness. The places to which they refer ceased to exist – they fell asleep. Sleeping Places is the debut album of Paweł Pruski. Formerly known as Minoo, in this new endeavor he takes his listeners on a trip through the worlds of ambient and experimental electronics. The leading part of the album are synthetic sounds combined with processed field recordings. Conceptually the album is not an attempt to create a musical illustration of any place in particular. It is an interpretation of what is left only in memory, what is no longer a part of our reality. It is the end resultant of combining subjective memories, fragments that survived in the form of sounds.





Pruski - Ambient Works