Chvost Band - Pawel Pruski
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Paweł Pruski, Pruski
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Chvost is formed by Paulina Bisztyga – a singer-songwriter and lyricist, and Minoo – a producer of electronic club music. The duo operates from the outset in the spirit of freedom and independence, adhering to the DIY principle. They don’t belong. Every joint creation is significant, and each concert is different. The artists seek a new space for forgotten folk songs. Women’s stories, which once served as a remedy for the hardships of daily life through music, hold a special place in Chvost. The bitter lyrics of songs, once contrasting with cheerful melodies, gain new life in the hands of the duo. Life full of unexpected solutions, dancefloor pulses, and experiencing music in various ways. An important aspect of Chvost’s creativity is seeking artistic collaboration with other musicians. One of them is Cinar Timur, a Turkish microtonal guitarist. Collaboration in the studio and guest performances during concerts result in a unique blend of oriental and Polish folk traditions. Upon the request of Kino Pod Baranami, Chvost composed music for the Ukrainian silent film „Chleb” (Bread). This project was presented multiple times in Polish and foreign art-house cinemas, including the Polish Film Days festival in Norway in 2023.e.

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