Music for film and commercials - Pawel Pruski
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Paweł Pruski, Pruski
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For many years, I’ve been involved in creating music for films and commercials. These are strictly original projects (including post-production). I always strive to capture the atmosphere of the visuals, convey appropriate emotions, and dynamics. I specialize in two types of electronic music. On one hand, there is ambient music (check out the Prussian project), which blends seamlessly with the film imagery. On the other hand, there’s beat-driven electronic music, which perfectly captures the dynamics of a given commercial or film scene.



  • Built to Last – Relics of Communist-era Architecture (soundtrack)
  • Abscence – Sound design for a graduation thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts
  • Festiwalu Dekonstrukcji Słowa – promovideo
  • 4 Movie – Tv Commercial  sounddesign
  • Książka, muzyka, film – commercial Publishing house Agora
  • Digital Art Festival Patchlab  – promovideo
  • Zawód fotograf – Documentary film TVP Kultura (Postprodukcja)
  • Filip Roth  – fasion show  music
  • Solaris – fasion promovideo
  • Thiev of Bagdad – music for videogame
  • Typografia – music for gallery event
  • Centrum Cyfrowe – music fot Youtube spots